Welcome to the home of mediSAYtion ...

Most people who do mindfulness practices struggle with them or plateau. We’ve created a new type of spoken practice, done with a partner, that gives people even more benefits, in less time, and with far more enjoyment.

... the POWERFUL, EASY, and FUN mindfulness practice.

Why might you want to do mediSAYtion?

To enhance your life.

How?  There are three main areas people seem drawn to and benefit from.  Combining the first letter of each, interestingly forms the acronym CHI, which is the Chinese word for life-force energy—something that mediSAYtion surely does enhance.

C . H . I .


You're curious about your inner world and like the idea of exploring and finding more gold within you.


You'd like to heal some tender spots in your heart, expanding your access to peace, vulnerability, and love.

Inner Growth

You value, welcome, and seek inner growth—unlocking your full potential as an extraordinary human.

MediSAYtion can be extremely powerful—imagine therapy or another quality personal growth practice … on steroids. MediSAYtion can also be combined with other modalities and techniques to expand the endless possibilities this practice offers. It’s effective in person and via video chat.

What do people SAY about mediSAYtion?

"I've been meditating for 45 years, and I can tell you that mediSAYtion is a real game changer. I LOVE doing it."
Dale Figtree, PhD
Nutritionist, USA
"Wow! I've been meditating and teaching Qigong for years. MediSAYtion is like Qigong times 1,000!"
Micah Malloy
Acupuncturist, USA
"MediSAYtion is a relatively easy way to be present, and to explore parts of me that I would not have access to in regular meditation."
Stepan Knetl
PhD Student, Czechia

Sounds good, right? Then how is it done?

MediSAYtion is a partner practice with one person sharing – SAYing – their present-moment body sensations, emotions, and imagery, while the other partner witnesses silently. This is done for a set time that both agree upon, and then the roles switch. This continues back and forth for as long as is desired—partners commonly choose a total elapsed session time of 10 to 60 minutes.
MediSAYtion is not merely a transactional experience with the speaking part being the sole goal. Instead, it’s more like the give and take of sharing deep conversation with a dear friend. Both parties have a valuable opportunity to listen, share, and discover newly.
Plus, it’s VERY simple, and can be done in person or over video chat. Here is a bit more about the roles:
  • SAYER: Eyes closed (typically), and narrating out loud to the witness your present moment experiences of body sensations, emotions, and imagery.  Speaking one’s present-moment experience to a silent witness reliably produces profound and world-class mindfulness results. You are always at choice of how deeply to reveal.
  • SILENT WITNESS: Eyes open, providing safety, validating listening, and honoring silence and space; receiving the gift of the SAYer’s experience as they share their practice and inner journey. Observing silently in real time tremendously builds one’s ability to deeply listen, expands compassion and empathy, and can inform the witness of new ways of growing and being that can’t be had from a teacher’s instruction or by reading a book. To ensure a safe container, there is zero feedback when the SAYER is complete.

Remember that these roles switch back and forth during a typical session.

We currently do mediSAYtion with people all over the world via diverse platforms. This site is being developed as a central community gathering place where you can learn, share and easily do mediSAYtion with others.

An email signup is coming soon … so we can notify you when the site is ready—you’ll be able to do mediSAYtion with others right here.

Stay tuned!